I Had a Nightmare

This morning I woke up at 6am. I looked at my phone and saw that I received a message at 4:39am it said, “Tuve una pesadilla” which translates to "I had a nightmare". It was from one of the sweet girls at the orphanage. It broke my heart as I thought of her waking up in the middle of the night, in the dark, heart thumping, scared from a nightmare. She had nobody to call out to, so she called out to me, through text, and I failed her, I didn’t hear her. I couldn’t comfort her in that moment. I couldn’t come to her bedroom and rub her back and give her a hug. I couldn’t tell her that everything was ok now, that the nightmare was over. I couldn’t comfort her until she fell back asleep as I would do with my own children. It breaks my heart to think of all the many children in situations where they have nobody to call out to.

As my kids run around orphanages and aftercare centers, I can't help but notice that these kids are so similar to my own. I often wonder, if my child were living here, how would I want them to be treated? What would I want someone like me, to do for my child? Most of the time, the answer is that I would want someone to love them, so that is what I do. They make my job so extremely easy because they are so easy to love.


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