Muay Thai Boxing Training | Krabi, Thailand

Everybody was Muay Thai fighting, everybody was fast as lightning. I guess that is inaccurate. We were all fast as.....uh.....well I really wouldn't say fast, maybe more like average speed for an American family that has been eating a lot of fried spring rolls and pad thai the last few weeks. While we stayed at Bluesotel in Au Nang, Thailand we found out that they offered Muay Thai training for free as part of the activities they provide for guests. We decided to see if we could be trained to become lethal Muay Thai masters. You can probably figure out the answer but needless to say, yes, we became lethal machines. Our instructor pressed us hard. There was blood, sweat, tears, and itchy noses we couldn't scratch because we had our fighting gloves on. Michael relived his glory days of fifth grade karate, Reece found his inner rage, Maya looked good as always, Mason was able to demonstrate his hip shaking technique, and Madelyn learned some great fighting moves, Marisa took some video and soaked in the pool. Don't expect to watch this video and be able to fight like us. We are naturals. Don't try this at home, we were trained by an expert. Do watch it from home and try not to laugh for in the end, the thing that we are best at is sarcasm and nothing in this video or the description should really be taken seriously.....or should it? Don't test us or you might find out.

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