HUGE Floating Market | Pattaya, Thailand

We visited the famous Pattaya floating market. Now you may ask yourself, "what is a floating market." Well in this case it might be a little misnomer. It's not like cloud city from Empire Strikes back floating in the air. The market doesn't even float on water, but it is surrounded by canals. The waterways have purveyors of fine goods, that they sell to the floating market visitors from their boats.....that are floating.......even though the market isn't.

The food is good, the water murky, and the people are happy and kind. The air smells of fried dumplings and mud. Water flows slowly through the market, turn by turn, waterway to waterway.

When we visited the water also fell from the sky. Mother nature was angry my friends and it seemed that we would become inundated with water until the floating market flooded. Oh the irony. It didn't happen though. We ate some ostrich meat to appease the gods. We paid penance by buying pork noodles, and we sacrificed Madelyn and Maya's feet to flesh eating fish (since they missed out on our previous fish massage). The rains subsided as the floating market gods were appeased. We all survived and we will be able to see other markets in the future.

The only thing we took home with us was the aftertaste of ostrich BBQ burps and the satisfaction of knowing that those fish won't go hungry.

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