Zipline Fun

Marisa likes to remind the children of the suffering that she endured as she went through natural labor. She thinks that this will make them grateful, loyal and full of a desire to bask her with love and kindness. She is wrong and the proof is in this video.

Join us as we take on the obstacle course at Phoenix Adventure Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Marisa and the kids attempt to navigate over 29 separate obstacles through the jungle canopy. A word to the wise, turn down your volume. There will be much weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. Most of the wailing comes from Marisa as she attempts to video while she navigates said obstacles.

As if this wasn't hard enough, her children (mainly Reece) shake the roped and sabotage her safety. All this despite the pains she went through to bring her kids into this world.

Be sure to check out their website:

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