The Taste of Death

Ever since since we arrived in Thailand we have heard rumors of a fruit that stinks so bad that even the fruits mother doesn't claim it. We have roamed bleary eyed on buses, trains, and planes and we have seen the signs that say "No Durian Fruit Allowed." We have wondered at the spiky green exterior and imagined the potential horror held inside. How can people eat a fruit that stinks so bad that it is banned from many public places. We have seen Durian at every market we have been to but we never really felt up to the challenge.......until now. We bought the smallest piece of the fruit we could find. It smelled like sulfur, sadness, and revenge mixed with gym socks and banana. Watch to find out what we thought about this insanely popular fruit. We also try rolled ice cream, shop the local wares, and Marisa gets a new skirt. But wow, that Durian, it was so divisive.

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