Marisa's Burning Down the House!

One of the best things about Thailand is the food. It's fresh, varied, complex and cheap. The secrets of it's wonder lay in the local markets and family recipes sent down from generation to generation.

Michael and Marisa visited the Thai Kitchen Cookery Center in Chiang Mai Thailand to learn the secrets of Thai cuisine and it was awesome. We were able to go and shop for the ingredients at a genuine local Thai Market. Then we returned to the Kitchen to make some traditional food. The Employees in the school were kind, patient and hilarious.

What will you learn in this video besides how to cook Thai food? You will learn to be cautious when Marisa starts to cook with fire. You will learn that more spicy equals more sexy. You will discover that Michael pays for compliments and last but not least that Marisa isn't the only one that gets flirted with by Thai men.

If you are heading to Chiang Mai, Thailand, be sure to check out their cooking school. It was a blast!

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