New Friends in Nevada City, Montana

We have been on the road for almost 6 weeks. We have seen a lot of beautiful and fascinating places. It has been interesting to us that one of the best parts about traveling is all of the wonderful people that we get to meet. We made some great friends in Nevada City, Montana.

Nevada City is the location (along with it’s neighbor Virginia City) of one of the richest gold strikes in the Rocky Mountains. Over $2.5 billion of gold were found in the area.

Nevada City has a few buildings and a restaurant but the main part of the town is a living museum. There are over 108 buildings that make the museum. 14 of them are original to the town and the rest are historical buildings that were moved from other parts of Montana.

The museum is set up outdoors. It is basically an old west town full of artifacts and buildings. There are many people who work there and they dress like the town folk dressed in the 1860’s. As we were going through we started to hear stories from the workers about some of the haunted buildings in the park. This peaked Maya’s interest as she has a fascination with ghosts. She got her paranormal interest from her father.

We asked one of the men named Matthew about a specific building and he told us that there

are a lot of haunted building in Virginia City as well. He told us that if we wanted to come back later that night, his daughters would love to give us a tour of the haunted parts of Virginia City. We asked where to meet him and he said to come back in the park through the back way after it closed and he would meet us. He then explained that he and his family live in the living museum during the summer and work there.

I wondered if he was pulling our leg but we decided to go back to the museum later that night. We snuck in the back way and I thought the whole time that we were going to get arrested. We wandered through the buildings and after a while one of his daughters poked her head out of a building and asked if she could help us. We told her that her Dad said that we could come back for a ghost tour. She was nice but I think she thought that we were weird, which was correct.

Their whole family showed up and we had a great night together. We got to see where they lived in the museum, tour some of the buildings that had been closed that day, and feed their horses. Then we drove to Virginia City and walked through the town as they regaled us about some of the haunted locations and the stories behind them. Our kids took a bunch of video and pictures and they are pretty sure that they got some ghosts and orbs in their shots. It was a great day thanks to Matthew and his family. We are so grateful that we could make new friends that were so generous with their time. It was a day we will never forget!

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