The Hardest Parts of Being an Expat

Living in a foreign country can be very hard especially if you’re a teenager and don’t speak the language. There can also be some good that come from it. I understand all the good that we are doing with helping these people and making their lives better but it’s very hard on me. I don’t know Spanish and I have a hard time having to be with my family all the time.

It’s dangerous on the streets here so I can’t really leave my house unless we are going somewhere together in a car which is really annoying. I would like to be able to walk around and go do more stuff but it’s hard to find something fun to do that we haven’t already done. I like going to the orphanage but it can be hard sometimes with the long ride. It’s always worth it but I forget how much love they really need, so sometimes I don’t go. It’s hard seeing how much more we have then them and I want them to have what I have. Those kinds of thoughts just bring me down but they make the best of it. I truly respect them for it. I know I would probably not act as happy as they do. I know it is hard on them and they still make the best of it and become friends with each other. I became good friends with one of them before she left the orphanage to go live with her mom. I haven’t talked to her much since she left and we haven’t been able to get in contact with her lately.

I don’t have friends here and that is probably the most difficult thing for me. There are not a lot of people my age that speak english and it’s very hard to learn spanish so I don’t really interact with anyone my age. Reece and I are pretty close and I would consider him a friend because I know we both go through the same problems here. We both don’t have friends but that brings us closer as siblings but we also do get in fights like all siblings do because we are around each other a lot. Madelyn and I fight sometimes. It’s usually about stupid things that shouldn’t be fought about. It’s hard for me because I really don’t like fighting with people but I just feel uptight sometimes because we are around people whose lives have been really hard and it kind of just makes all of us tense.

I’m not trying to make this article very negative or anything I’m just purely writing for the people who are interested in what troubles I go through living in a foreign country. There are good things that come from it too but I wanted to write about the hardships because I know that everyone has trials.


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