Everyday Life

I get lot of questions from people about my normal everyday life so I decided to write about it.

My mornings are pretty simple. I usually wake up around 9. Recently though I’ve been waking up later than that but we can safely say my motto is NOT “early to bed early to rise.” I get a lot of sleep, maybe it’s because of the heat. After I wake up I usually eat eggs. I have eggs about every morning because I like them and I always feel like eating them every morning. I also drink a lot of water in the morning. I drink a little over a gallon of water a day because I have really dry skin and it keeps my skin more hydrated.

After that depending on what day of the week it is we will go to a different place like an orphanage, after care centers, nuns school, or a neighborhood in the city.

I’m going to describe a slow day which is what we call a day we aren’t going anywhere. If we are staying home I start my homeschooling classes after I eat breakfast. I do Math with Khan academy online. I read a book. I take science classes online. I have some classes where I decide what I study. I focus a lot on learning about health and exercise right now. I also study art.

Around 1 PM I eat lunch. I don’t really have anything set that I eat for lunch but I have really been liking salmon and other fish. I don’t like sea food very much but fish is good.

Reece and I go to the gym around 2 and we usually will stay there about 2 hours. We don’t workout together because we both have different body goals. Once we get home I always shower and make myself a protein shake. Sometimes I will make a snack for myself. Today I had celery and peanut butter. I literally love peanut butter so much. It’s my favorite food right now.

I watch YouTube for a while until my dad is done cooking dinner. My dad cooks dinner almost every night and he’s good at it. We eat as a family most of the time. Sometimes we don’t but we usually do. We eat dinner around six or seven and it’s pretty good. The food isn’t that great in this country because the ingredients aren’t that great but for the most part it’s good. Sometimes Reece, Mason,and I will watch a show or something at night. I either read or watch a show all by myself if we are not. After my parents got fitbits right after dinner they start taking laps around our kitchen because they realize how many steps they got and they try to get them in. This is what happens where your parents are addicted to walking.

At night I always read because it gets my eyes tired and I get ready to go to bed. I usually just wear pajamas throughout the day because they’re more comfortable. I will moisturize my face and put coconut oil on my eyebrows and lashes. It helps with hair growth, I think. If it doesn’t then it makes my lashes and brows soft. I don’t go to sleep till pretty late because I am definitely a night owl. I read for a while until I feel tired. That’s what goes on in my day when we are not going somewhere.


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