What are you Fighting For?

The punch flew and connected.

Pain and confusions instantly appeared in her opponents face. Jordan's eyes glimmered with a detached confidence. It seemed like she stood outside the violent situation she was in. As the victim stood there dazed from the violent onslaught, Jordan floated on her feet, her body ducked down and across. Two more punches connecting to her opponents face followed by more graceful dancing. It looked like she was flying lighter than air while her opponent was trapped in amber as it slowly solidified around her.

Beauty, grace, and power.

We visit several orphanages weekly and we have made many friends. One of the friends we have made is Jordan. We love her. She is a go-getter. Jordan hasn't been given a lot in life but she doesn't let it stop her. She does great in school and excels in sports. Her favorite sport is boxing and we found out that she was participating in a national youth boxing tournament so we had to go watch her.

It was amazing to see her fight. Beauty, grace, and power. You can tell that she works hard at her craft. As I watched her fight in the ring I thought of the fight she has in life. She hasn't been given much. She has brothers and sisters in the orphanage and one of her her main worries is to take care of them. Rather than focus on the lack of what she has in her life, she fights.

It made me think about what I fight. I have been blessed beyond measure, spoiled in fact with a beautiful wife and kids, loving parents, brothers, sisters. I have had relatively good health. I don't know hunger or desperation. I think most of the people who read this would probably agree that they are blessed compared to Jordan.

Regardless of the blessings we have, everybody has to fight something. I fight depression and anxiety. There have been times in my life where it has become debilitating to the point that I didn't want to live any more. I also constantly fight the lack of self worth that probably goes along with my depression.

It's not a question of if but when your battles will come. The real question is, will you fight. Will you be like my dear friend Jordan. Will you look at your circumstances and see the chaos that surrounds you. Will you see the injustice and slowly die inside as you lose hope, or will you get on your feet and float like a butterfly and sting like a bee? Jordan is a teenager but she has shown me the value of fighting, and doing it with grace and beauty. I wouldn't want to see her in the ring but I do want to have her in my life.

She focuses on what she has, not what's missing. She wants to provide for her little brothers and sisters, even though few have provided for her. She wants to make herself better even though it would be easy to curse her circumstances and quit.

She inspires me to do better because she fights, and because she fights she wins.

Thank you Jordan for teaching me this.

We made a YouTube video of our adventure, you can view it here:


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