Just a Little Short

I up and left my family in South Carolina and flew to Salt Lake City so I could drive to Idaho Falls and visit my parents. My Dad has had some complications with surgery and I wanted to spend some time with them. As I was driving to Idaho, I was able to investigate something that I have heard about but that I never wanted to pursue because I never wanted to make my family bored.

I had always heard a rumor of a grave just north of the Welcome to Idaho sign on I-15 and I wanted to see if it was there. Sure enough there was a gravestone and I found the story confirmation here. My sick twisted mind gets a little humor from it. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Here is the story.

“Hugh Moon crossed the plains to the Salt Lake Valley in 1848, where he married. Brigham Young asked him to move to Dixie in southern Utah to build up the church there, but he moved again after five years, this time to Henderson Creek in the Idaho Territory.

He died in 1870 at the age of 54. His wishes were to be buried in Zion which he concluded to be Utah. Upon his death, his family took him far enough south that they thought they were in Utah, to a small cemetery east or Portage. As it turned out, the burial site was just inside the Idaho territory.”

I’m not sure why but I have always found this story humorous. In a time when transportation was so difficult, this man had one dying request which was to be buried in Utah. His family probably went to a lot of work to comply with his request and buried him about 10 yards shy of the Utah border. Then they put I-15 and the Idaho sign right in view of his grave so his spirit knew that his body wasn’t in Utah. It’s like someone was trying to rub it in. I need help determining two things.

  1. Why does my sick mind find this is a little funny?

  2. What is the moral to this story? There must be something to be learned from it.


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