Castillo de San Marcos National Park

We loved visiting the Castillo do San Marcos National Park while were were in St. Augustine. It is the oldest masonry fort in the Continental U.S. and it has mucho historia.

Construction was started on the fort in 1672 by the Spanish. Britain then gained control of the fort in 1763 and then control was turned back over to the Spanish in 1783. The United States gained control over Florida and the fort in 1821. It was also controlled by the Confederate States during the civil war.

The fort was continuously occupied by military for 251 years straight. It was used as a military base and a prison for Native Americans and POW’s as well. You can see the carvings of prisoners throughout the fort.

Most of the fort is made of coquina which is a cement like sedimentary rock made primarily of seashells. It must be pretty strong because the fort is still standing strong today. Here is a closeup of the coquina.

It is right up next to the ocean so it was beautiful to walk around the outside of the fort. It isn’t as big as you would think on the inside but we were able to explore all of the rooms and see the great views from behind the cannons on the roof of the fort. It’s a lot of fun for us to visit places with so much history, it makes me wish that the walls could talk.

If you are in St. Augustine and you like history make sure and visit.


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