Madelyn's Thoughts

Madelyn decided to dictate her blog post into a recorder. This is what she had to say.

Once upon a time there was a little girl that had a dog and a cat. She went on a trip through the United States and she had lots of fun but for some reason she didn’t care about her cat very much even though she was born with it. Then she went on another trip and she cried because she misses her dog so much. She’s trying to learn Spanish but it’s really hard. Her mom trying to learn too.

I can’t learn Spanish very well and it’s hard for me to be here. Everybody wants to be my friend and I can’t talk to them. Everybody just wants me to be their friend and I can’t even talk to them at all unless my dad translates for me but he rarely does that. I really want to talk to them and I just really miss my friends in Utah. I really miss my dogs. I miss my grandma and grandpa. I miss my cousins. I mess all my friends. I miss everything in Utah. I miss everything in Utah and I know that I can’t be here much longer or I’m going to freak out because I’m not with my dogs and that’s really hard to not be with my dogs that I grew up with and she could die without me there.

I just really want to be there with her right now. My $40 roller blades broke because they are just stuck and now I can’t use them. I wasted $40 on them. I could still have those $40 if I didn’t waste them. I just miss everything in Utah. I miss my house. My apartment is really small. My bed is uncomfortable. I just miss a lot of things in Utah and this is the end of Madelyn’s stories.


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