Create a Change

Treat others with love and compassion and you can create a great change in the world. -Living a Good Story

Each week our family heads down into a an impoverished area that we call "the village". It is a very low income area, where the average income is about $200 per month. Due to the low income, many of the kids are unable to afford the uniforms or supplies needed to attend school. This area has become a major target for traffickers. They know they can prey on families desperate to improve the life of their children. Often, traffickers will promise parents that they will take the children and get them into a good private school or get them a good job working for a wealthy family. Many times, the families will never see their kids again.

We believe that education is a right, not a privilege. Along with an amazing organization called Gifts of Grace, we find kids that are not in school and help them get their birth certificates and the uniforms needed for school.

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