Lost Our Dog :(

When we were anticipating moving abroad and volunteering for Operation Underground Railroad for a year, naturally we planned on bringing our 2 dogs and our cat. Our house was rented, vehicles were sold, plans were all set, and we found out that we could not bring our dogs with us. Every airline that flies to this country does not allow dogs (with their crates) to fly if they are over 100 lbs. Needless to say, I was devastated! Michael's aunt and uncle agreed to be foster parents to Jada and Lily and we are forever grateful to them for that! This week, Jada's health declined so much that she was unable to walk. She couldn't take herself to the bathroom, and it was time for her to move on from this life. It was extremely hard because we were unable to say our last goodbye's in person, we couldn't give her one last hug, we couldn't be there during her very last moments here on earth. When we get home, instead of greeting her with a big hug, we will be given her ashes.

This video shows our very last good-bye's via facetime with our beloved Jada.

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