This is Maya. Today I am writing about learning Spanish. It is really hard to learn a new language. It is a lot harder than I thought it would be honestly. This is my first time ever trying to learn a new language and I thought it would be pretty easy. I was thinking that you would hear something and just know what it means. It is really not that simple I can assure you.

My family has a Spanish teacher that comes twice a week and she has actually been helping a lot. It is still very difficult to learn and memorize all the words. I am starting to understand some things though. I think it is the easiest to just write down everything and read over it everyday. I started writing down words I wanted to learn in Spanish and I started to read over them. I will read over them every once in a while but when it gets really busy I forget too do it. I also started to make conversations written down on paper in Spanish and having one person be A. and the other be B. One person will say something like “Hola, como estas?” and the other will answer and they come up with a conversation. My Spanish teacher told us to start doing that. She didn't tell me to start writing down words I wanted to know but I really think that is starting to help with some Spanish.

If I had to pick the hardest part of learning Spanish I would have to say it is the verbs. I never know which one to use in Spanish and if I am using it correctly. I really want to learn the language so I can talk to the kids at the orphanages and at the after care centers and those kinds of things. Sometimes it is really hard to understand them and I am sure my dad is very tired of having to translate everything to my family.

I am sure after my family starts getting better we wont need anymore translating because hopefully we will all be fluent, maybe. Madelyn and Mason aren't taking Spanish lessons with my family right now because Mason has a job in the mornings and Madelyn cant keep up with me and Reece. Mason will start coming back to Spanish lessons in two weeks and I don't know if Madelyn will be able to keep up with us while she is this young.

My mom takes a different class than Reece and I but we all have the same teacher. My mom is just more advanced and if you have watched our YouTube videos you would know that my dad is basically fluent. Mason, Reece, and I are all at the same level though. My whole family really likes our Spanish teacher a lot. She is very funny and understands our family humor and jokes around with us. She also knows quite a bit of English so it helps if we have questions.


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