A View of the Rain

As volunteers for O.U.R., we are helping another organization in an extremely poor neighborhood with the goal of helping the children in the village enroll and attend school. The hope is that if they can gain an education and they are spending time in school, they are less likely to be victims of trafficking, joining gangs, and selling drugs.

The other day we went to the village with the Leader of the organization, Francis, to find out which children aren't going to school and get a feel for why they aren't able to go. As we talked to the parents of the children, we found that the majority of them couldn't go because they didn't have birth certificates or the other legal paperwork that was required in order to enroll. Within about 30 minutes we had a list of 20 children that needed help getting their documents so they can stay in school. As we were finishing it started raining.

When it rains here it rains hard and we didn't like the idea of walking out of the neighborhood back to our car but it would soon be getting dark and so we decided to leave in the rain. One of the girls from the neighborhood named Teresa told us to wait. She went into her house and got an umbrella and proceeded to walk with us so we didn’t get wet. She and her friends walked us about halfway back to our car and then we asked her to go back home before it got dark. We were so touched by her willingness to help. We didn’t ask her for anything, she just saw a need and helped.

Teresa lives in a one room home. She probably feels hunger every day. I couldn't help but think that if I were in her situation I would be so worried about myself that I wouldn’t think of helping others. Teresa saw beyond herself and had a desire to help. Just like she provided us with protection and rescue from the rain with her umbrella, we can all help provide protection. There are so many children that need rescue and help. It is up to all of us to try to see beyond ourselves and assist those that don't have their own voice.

If you want to donate to a campaign we are running to fund Operation Underground Railroad you can click here. All funds are used to help rescue and rehabilitate children that are victims of the Human Trafficking Industry.


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