The Need for Love.

Every Thursday my family and I go to an orphanage. There are only girls at this orphanage and one boy who is handicapped. When we started going there we went to build a relationship with the directors so O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad) could place girls they have rescued there.

At first we thought that we would mostly be doing physical labor for them. We thought that is what they needed the most, but what they actually need the most was for someone to just spend time with these girls. This surprised me and my family at first, but then we soon realized that these girls get no attention or love from anyone. You can just tell that they don't get any love because the girls will literally be climbing on you, hugging you, and also just wanting to hold your hand as soon as you walk in the door. You don't really realize that people actually need to be loved by someone until you see how much they crave it.

It is sad to me that these girls don't get the attention and love that then need, but it also makes me happy that we get to be there for them so they can have the attention and love that they need. I also think it is very fun to go there and spend time with them. I like serving people this way. It is a lot more than satisfying than fulfilling someones physical needs. In my opinion I think it will make a bigger difference in their lives and also you can just see how happy it makes them to just spend time with you. I think a lot of times we see people that don't have a lot of things and we assume that getting them more stuff will make them more happy. We most likely assume this because we think that when we get more money, possessions, etc. we think that it will make us more happy. We assume that is what will make other people happy, but most of the time that is not the case.

There are so many people that have been dirt poor and now they are very rich that will tell you that they are not any more happy being rich than being poor. This shows me it is most likely people’s love and friendships that will make us the most happy. When I think about these girls not really receiving love from anyone it is kind of depressing to think about. Of course they can still choose to be happy and content with their lives. It is probably so hard when there is no one to be happy with you and love you. In the end, I am so happy that I get to be a part of these girl’s lives and have been able to serve them. I really do think that this is the most beneficial way to serve and I hope that you can have the opportunity to serve this way also.


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