Near Miss Opens Our Eyes

As fire rages through California, it reminded me of when we had to evacuate our home due to fire. It was terrifying, I was practically frozen with fear as people rushed into my house asking me what we wanted to save. As I looked around my house, if felt as if time had slowed down and I was moving in slow motion, as if in a dream. I had to think about the value, monetary and sentimental, of each thing I owned. What can be replaced? What is irreplaceable? What is it that I value most in my life? There was very little that I cared about, most everything could be replaced. I realized what I valued most was my pictures and home videos. They represented all the memories and experiences we have made as a family. I stood in my closet with 3 other women as I gazed at my wedding dress hanging there. They all begged me to bring it, convincing me I would be sorry if I didn't. In my dream like state, I could honestly say that I wouldn't be sad to loose it, it is just a dress that I wore. The memories I had made since the day I wore the dress meant so much more to me than the dress itself.

We evacuated, the fire was brought under control, and we were able to return home the next day. Michael and I did not return home the same people that left. We returned with a new perspective of what we actually valued, our family, friends, faith, relationships, spending time together as a family, and our memories.

That day brought us one step closer to leaving behind the life we had known and starting to live differently, more intentionally, placing our relationships and experiences we have as a family above our possessions. Those worldly possessions had been holding me hostage in a life that I didn't love, and it wasn't completely fulfilling me. That experience was a wake up call to both Michael and I. When we were debating and praying about selling everything to travel the country in our RV, we often talked about the experience with the fire, it opened our eyes to what we valued most.

I challenge you to think about what is holding you back from Living Your Good Story!


Living a Good Story

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