The Perfect Moments

Life is hard a lot of the time. Even when things seem to be going well there is often an undercurrent of worry for one reason or another. Financial stress, sickness, heartbreak, and other things can bring us down and cause us pain. I think that a lot of life is a series of experiences that help us learn and grow and what better way to learn and grow than through trial and tribulation.

Life is amazing a lot of the time. Even when things seem to be hard you can step back and give thanks for all of the amazing things that fill your life. Family, friends, beauty, and a myriad of other things lift us up and help us to grow. I think that a lot of life is a series of blessings that help us learn and grow and what better way to learn and grow than through being blessed.

I seriously don't know if I'm crazy but the way I see it my life ebbs and flows like the currents in the ocean from day to day. Some days I acknowledge most of the good and the bad floats below the surface, barely perceptible to my mind. Some days the sadness and tragedy of of life bubbles to the surface and casts aside most the joy that I feel in my life.

It's very rare that I see all the good or all the bad which probably is a good thing. Balance is a saving grace. There have been days when the bad has overwhelmed me and all of the good that is in my life disappears behind a dark cloud. True hopelessness has filled my soul and I have begged my maker to end my life to take away the pain. Luckily, most of the time even when it is dark, I can feel and see some of the light of the good in my life.

Then there are days when all my worries and stresses and trials are swept away and I am caught in a moment of true peace and joy. I feel like these are gifts from my creator, giving me the strength to keep going.

The other day we were at an orphanage as a family. Our family been there many times visiting. When we first started we asked the administrators what the girls need and they emphasized the need for them to have love as there are so few adults there. We bring crafts and do activities with the girls, and we play games and sports with them.

From the beginning, the younger girls would join us and loved to be around us but the older girls didn't hang out with us. I think it took them time to trust us but once they saw we kept coming back, they decided to build relationships with us. It also took time for my kids to be comfortable with them. There is a language barrier and a cultural barrier and so it was somewhat awkward.

The other day I sat watching my family and the girls. Madelyn was playing with some of the younger girls and sharing some candy. Mason and Reece were playing basketball with a group of teenage girls. Maya was sitting and talking to a friend. Marisa was talking to some of the teenage girls about Facebook and how to protect themselves online, and they were joking around and having fun. I watched everyone smiling and laughing. I felt so much love for my family and the girls in the orphanage. True, pure love, and I could see the girls feeling the same thing for me and my family. All of my troubles and stress left me and I felt absolute peace.

I sat there and just watched and enjoyed the of peace and joy that came to me that day. It was a gift that filled my heart and gave me the strength to go through the trials that will return. I am grateful for those perfect moments that we are given.


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