What Would You Do?

Are you like me? Have you wondered why people are willing to sell their bodies for sex. Sometimes I have (erroneously) wondered how someone got to that point of moral depravity. Forget about the fact that many people are forced into prostitution through sex slavery. Assume someone decides to sell their body in a country where it is legal to do so. Would you think that you would never do what they have chosen. Do you question how someone gets to that point?

I was talking to a psychiatrist today and he was telling me about some of his projects. He works for a non profit based out of the United States that tries to help small communities here in this country. One of their main goals is to help people here find a living wage.

The government here estimates that a family of 4 needs a monthly income of $500 to live. 73% of the households in this country make less than $300 a month. Many of the people that we work with make less than that. Can you imagine that? living off of $200 a month?

He talked about a project that they did in a city that has a lot of prostitution. The goals was to help the prostitutes leave the life they were in for something else. The problem was that most of the jobs that these women could get, assuming that they could find a job, would pay $200 or less a month. We are talking full time 40 plus hour a week factory jobs.

The non profit worked with a major US corporation to provide training for jobs in a living wage factory. This means that the company pays a living wage to their employees, despite the market being willing to pay much less. Most factories pay what the market pays which is $200 a month. This factory pays $500 a month with benefits so they people can live.

He said to me, "Imagine if you are a single mom that also has old parents that can't help themselves. Even if you want to leave a life of prostitution and work for a living, the full time job you get pays half of what you need to survive. Your children and parents are hungry. What would you do?"

What would you do? It's hard to put myself in that situation. I know many women here that are in prostitution or have previously been in it. They are beautiful daughters of God, many of whom had to make that choice, and they chose to feed their children and their parents. It tears me up that they had to do it. I don't question whether they made the right or wrong choice, I am just broken hearted they had to.

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