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My family works with orphanages and After Care Centers. I make a lot of friends at the orphanages. My whole family makes a lot of friends there. There are a lot of girls that I really connect with. At the orphanage there is a girl I have become very close too. We will call her Sabrina. She speaks quite a bit of English and she is very funny. We met when I visited the orphanage for the first time. She came up to me and Mason and asked if we were ticklish. Mason and I both said no. She didn’t believe us, so she started running after Mason. I was laughing so then she started chasing me. It was really tiring but very fun. Mason and I both thought she was very funny and her English was pretty good so we could ask her things and have conversations with her. The next time we visited, I saw her and she looked really happy to see me and Mason. So, I started talking to her. Sabrina and I get along very well. We are not that much alike, but we get along really well. She loves to dance and play volleyball. We play basketball together every time I go to the orphanage. We always play against Mason and his best friend at the orphanage. We will call her Megan. Megan speaks very good English. When we all play basketball together we all get very competitive. It is fun to hang out with them at the orphanage.

Sabrina and I started talking to each other on Facebook Messenger because I can use google translate. We talk every once in a while and its hard to understand some things she says because Google Translate doesn't always work very well. It’s okay that we can’t talk super well because its better than nothing. She recently told me that she might have to leave the orphanage. At first I was not sure if google translate was translating wrong or something. It turns out she is probably leaving the orphanage. I was really sad when my Dad read it and told me it wasn’t a mistake on google translate. She seems pretty sad about it. She has a lot of good friends at the orphanage and I can tell she doesn’t want to leave. I feel really sad for her. I’m not sure why the orphanage is making her leave. They are having her go live with her mom and brothers. They live about fifteen minutes away from my house which is a good thing but I will still see her less. I really hope that she will come back and visit some of the days I’m there. Or I hope that I can hangout with her or something. It is really weird why they would send her back to her house. She told me that she was put in the orphanage because her mom did not feed her. I am really going to miss her. I am going to keep in touch with her while she is staying with her mom. I want to make sure that everything will be fine and make sure she is getting fed. I really care about her. I really connect with her and we became really good friends really fast.


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