Word o' the Day: Collaboration

Before we volunteered to work with OUR aftercare we had a vision in our heads of what we would be doing every day. We thought that we would be going to after care centers, orphanages, and at risk neighborhoods doing work. We thought we were going to roll up our sleeves and get a little mud on our faces as we performed physical helping with water projects, sanitary pipelines, garbage cleanup, and whatever else was asked of us. In the two suitcases per person that we brought with us we packed a lot of work clothes, gloves, and shoes.

While we have done some physical labor, we have been surprised to see how many meetings we go to in order to further the goals of OUR. One of the greatest things that has helped us is collaboration. You see, there are so many people here that are already doing such great work. We have found that if we work with others that we are able to help them, and they help us, and the synergy that happens leads to great things. There is not a need to always reinvent the wheel. We build on the strength of others, and others can build on our strengths.

This last week we had the opportunity to visit a great orphanage that does amazing things to help children here to leave the hard lives they are in. they provide an orphanage family, food, shelter, and a great education that helps these children change the trajectory of their lives and their posterity for the better. We were there to talk about helping them with a water project among other things. The picture above shows the group we were with. Members of the Orphanage, Operation Underground Railroad, LDS Charities, The Peace Corps, and a local Rotary Club. Five different organizations with somewhat different goals who come together to help each other.

One of the greatest things about doing what we do is seeing so many wonderful people that sincerely want to help others form so many different organizations and so many different backgrounds. It's humbling to see all of the good that is done in this world that we didn't know about before we came to this country.

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