1, 2, 3, 4, I Declare a Thumb War

Mason's double thumb war

War....Huh...Yeah.......What is it good for? Absolutely nothing......say it again. I grew up listening to the Springsteen remake of this song.

Now that I have filled your head with the earworm that is the song "War" I want you to know something. Are you ready? War is good for nothing. I hate it and I despise it. I know that there might be times when someone has to go to war but war is almost always terrible......almost.

When is war not terrible? When it's a thumb war. Between your son and some beautiful children form another country that speak another language. My son can't talk to these kids at this point. I hope he learns Spanish but it's kind of cool that he doesn't speak Spanish because it gives me the opportunity to learn and observe.

My young children spend a lot of time with us as we visit orphanages and poverty stricken neighborhoods. What do I see when my kids interact with these kids?



These kids sense that they are brothers and sisters. They aren't old enough to have learned from society that you can't love people that are a different skin color, or religion, or even people that don't speak the same language. They try to talk to each other and they can't, so they pick up a ball, or a doll, and they play.

They reach out their hands and shake, then look each other in the eyes, and sense that they see another one of God's children. Then they go to war, thumb war, and for a time the adults that surround them see the same thing, and the world is better because through a child's eyes the only war that exists is a game that brings us closer, despite our drastic differences.


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