What We Do Here: Mason's Perspective

Article Written by Mason. 11 years old.

Today I would like to tell you about what we do here. We go to the orphanage and give the girls love and we show them how we are as a family, and what a family looks like. We also go to the village. We teach them to read so that they can go to school and have a good job wen they grow up. We teach them how to protect themselves from being trafficked. At the aftercare center we teach them English so that they can have a job that is English speaking or such. By being with them, we help them learn how to trust people again so that they can be happy. At my house I play games and play basketball. The stores are about the same as in Utah. It is not very fun not to just go out side and just play for a long time because it is hot. But it is fun to learn a new language so that is cool and we get to try new stuff. The driving is crazy here and my dad does NOT like that. My dad speaks the language so that is good, but nobody else does so that is not good. We still know what they are talking about sometimes and that is good. My mom is taking a class to know the language and my mom and dad are teaching us the language so we can know it too. But it is hard to know the language, and that is the end.

Mason Johnson

Age 11

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