What Would You Do?

We all have to make daily decisions. We all try to do our best to make good choices and do things that help others instead of hurt them. Often times Michael and I are presented with situations that leave us wondering if we made the correct decision!

Each week Michael and I help with a literacy program in an impoverished neighborhood where the average monthly income is about $200. This neighborhood we have nicknamed, "the village" is highly targeted by traffickers because of their lack of education. Many of these kids can't attend school either because they don't have the money for uniforms, they have to work, or tend their siblings while their parents work. We hope to empower these kids with the ability to read, even if they can't attend school. We are also working on getting these children scholarships so they can get the uniforms and school supplies needed for school.

Check out the video as we take you down into the village, and are plagued with a decision that could be helping, or it possibly could be hurting the family we helped.

To learn more about how helping people can help or hurt, check out this book: When Helping Hurts.


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