A Walk Among the Dead

As I walked among the graves in Savannah’s Bonevanture Cemetery I travelled through history.

The Oaks covered with Spanish moss bowed down under the weight of the history of those that lay beneath. There was a spooky calm that filled the 100 acre graveyard.

I couldn’t help but feel the regret of those that passed to soon, or didn’t live the life they were destined to. I couldn’t help but feel the peace of those that experienced a fulfilled life. When I am buried how will others see me? When I look back on the life I have lived will I feel peace or regret, sadness or joy?

I don’t know the answer but today is the day I can determine my trajectory. Today is the day I take the step on the right path. It is not yesterday, I can’t change the past. It is not tomorrow, for it may never come. Today is the day I choose, and live, and create my life. Today.


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