Haunted Savannah

With all of it’s history, Savannah, Georgia is said to have a lot of hauntings. Maya

and I were able to do a ghost tour of what is considered to be one of the most haunted places, the Weed Sorrel House.

The house was built on top of a former Revolutionary war battle ground (like a lot of Savannah) and therefore it was placed on top of the graves of soldiers.

The house was built by Francis Sorrel. He married Lucinda Moxley who died from Scarlet Fever 5 years after the marriage. Francis then married her sister Matilda. Matilda found Francis having an affair with one of the slaves named Molly that lived above the carriage house.

When Matilda caught them, she jumped off of the roof head first and died. A few weeks after this, Molly was found hanged in her room.

In addition to this sad tale, the basement was used for surgeries during the civil war and most people didn’t survive surgeries. According to the ghost hunters that gave us the tour all of these events have led to a lot of unhappy souls haunting the house.

The basement and carriage were scary. I about cried like a little girl, Maya on the other hand wasn’t scared at all. The closest thing I have in my pictures to a ghost is this picture with Maya. Is that the edge of a ghost dress in the window. We will never know.

Even if you aren’t interested in ghosts the tour gives a great opportunity to see some of the house from the inside.

Maya and I had a lot of fun on this tour. I was glad we didn’t take the younger kids or they wouldn’t be able to sleep in their beds for weeks.


#haunted #ghost #creepy #ghosttour

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