Dead Men Tell No Tales

The pirates used to say that dead men tell no tales. It sounds cool until you realize it’s not true. We visited the St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum and there were a multitude of pirate stories told my dead men. How? Well apparently pirates were meticulous record keepers and many of them kept journals, captain’s logs, and they also sold their memoirs to make an extra buck.

When we went to this museum I was a little worried because it does cost a little bit of booty to get in and I was worried that it was going to be a hokey set up but I was actually really impressed. There were lots of high tech interactive displays throughout with a lot of great,educational, pirate history.

They also had some amazing treasures and displays. We were able to see one of the three jolly roger flags that is documented to have flown above a pirate ship. Not as scary as the flags they have in the movies but I guess it did it’s job.

They had lots of treasures that have been recovered from ships that have been found at the bottom of the sea.

This pirate chest is the only existing chest that can be documented to have been owned by a pirate.

I know it’s sad but the thing I was most excited to see was this tribute to One Eyed Willy. Give me a break, I grew up in the 80’s and Goonies was one of my favorites.

So next time someone tells you that dead men tell no tales, remind them that this is a false statement and invite them to visit the pirate museum in St. Augustine.


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