You Don’t Look a Day Older Than 400

In 1565, Spanish Admiral Pedro Menendes De Aviles landed near St Augustine, Florida in order to establish a colony for the Spanish. The city is the oldest continuously occupied European-settlement in the Continental U.S. We decided that after 451 years being occupied that it was time for our family to visit.

There are large areas of touristy shops where you can get your fill of salt water taffy, magnets, t-shirts, and expensive mass produced fast food disguised as local delicacies. Don’t let that deter you, old town St Augustine has a lot of great history and homes as well. The streets are made of brick and coquina which is a sedimentary cement like rock made out of seashells. The rock was excavated from a nearby island. You can see Mason inspecting a coquina wall here.

The town is full of interesting old homes…..

old churches…..

and the oldest existing wooden school h use in the U.S.A.

St. Augustine was a nice little town with a lot of history. The beaches near it are great. We were able to visit some forts and museums in the town and there was a lot of other stuff to do. I would recommend that you go if you get a chance. Don’t wait around another 450 years like we did.


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