You’re Either a Farmer or a Soldier

On Memorial Day weekend my friend Nathan and I were digging an area of sand out at Crescent Beach near St. Augustine Florida. Nathan does it every time he goes to the beach so his kids could build a giant sandcastle. It was something that he always saw Grandpa George do so he does it too.

An older gentlemen came up to us and said “The way you guys are digging that sand, you must be either a farmer or a soldier” We smiled and kept on digging.

I was never a soldier and I don’t know that I could have been. I have a lot of respect for all of those men that have served and sacrificed for our country whether they have been in wars or not. It was a good reminder that while we were at the beach, we needed to try and remember those that have served and died for us.

I wasn’t a soldier but I was a farmers son, and so was Nathan. I grew up on a potato farm in Idaho and he grew up on a dairy farm. We both started working on the farm pretty young. Farming is hard, honorable work and I still remember seeing my Dad, Grandfather, and Uncle as they sometimes fought and sometimes cooperated with Mother Nature to turn the pale rocky earth of southeastern Idaho into crops. Working on the farm was hard honorable work.

I never would have thought of farming when digging the sand castle but Nathan and I dug it out pretty well if I do say so myself. We had a lot of people staring at us with mouths agape and many joking that they thought that it was our day off. I thought that the crowd we attracted was amazing. We were like a circus sideshow to them. I should have sold tickets. I started to think it funnier and funnier that they were so amazed that we would take the time to build this little hole. Then I thought more about farmers and soldiers.

Farmers don’t have a lot of days off. Soldiers don’t either. There is a lot for them to do. Mother nature doesn’t take days off, and neither does the fight against tyranny and injustice. So here is to all the soldiers. Thank you for letting me have the freedom to dig a hole on Memorial Day weekend. Here is to the many farmers in my life. Thanks for teaching me the value of hard work, and how to dig a hole.


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