I Say Bodyboarding, You say Boogieboarding

While Tropical storm Bonnie hit land in Charleston over last Memorial Day weekend, we were 250 miles south near Jacksonville at Mickler’s Landing beach. The foul weather further north of us made it a red flag day on the beach we were on.

When we first arrived at the beach it was high tide and it looked pretty scary. I couldn’t believe the churning waves and I questioned whether or not we should get in the water. There were a lot of people on the beach since it was Memorial Day weekend, and by the time that we were able to hike it to an open spot and settle in, the waves had settled down a little, but not too much. It turned out to be our most exciting day on a beach so far this trip.

We were with the Risenmays again and they brought all of their body boards. We only have room for one in our fifth wheel so it was fun for all of our kids to bodyboard at the same time, instead of taking turns.

As the tide went out there were a ton of shells to look at left on the beach. Mandy tried to help us find shark teeth. We didn’t have the eye for it but she found this cool gem.

We had a lot of fun at the beach. The gnarly waves made for a lot of excitement and it was fun to spend more time with family.


#ocean #friends #fun #beach

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