A Lesson on Colors in Florida

There are two species of obese blubbery mammals that visit Blue Springs State Park near Orange City, Florida. The first and more beloved species is the Manatee. The second and less beloved is the human.

Blue Springs State Park is situated around a series of springs that bubble up from below ground and flow into the St. Johns River. 165 million gallons per day is pumped up naturally into the main spring from below and it stays at a constant 73 degrees.

The manatees visit the park in the winter because of the warm water. Humans visit in the winter so they can see fatter mammals and therefore feel better about themselves. You are not allowed to swim when manatees are present. In the summer the manatees leave to warmer waters and humans continue to come so they can snorkel, swim, and scuba dive.

We were visiting with our cousins the Risenmays and they let us use there snorkeling gear. The water was extremely clear and you could see fish everywhere, there were some huge swordfish looking fish swimming around but no one was stabbed. The water seemed a lot more like a clear emerald green than blue but maybe colors are different in Florida. Or maybe the guy that named this place was color blind. I just wish there were some manatees there to help me look more svelte.


#swimming #friends #florida #pond

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