Am I In the Middle of a Movie?

There is a little town east of the Destin area that we stayed at called Seaside. It seems like a movie set. Devoid of any garbage, it is a saccharin sweet version of many other seaside towns that you might find in Florida. As you walk around you see perfection, almost too much perfection. I didn’t see one person without perfectly coifed hair and brand name clothes. There weren’t even any ugly dogs.

If you are familiar with the movie The Truman Show this town will seem familiar because it was filmed here. There are beautiful homes,

and sand filled alleys with white picket fences and smiling faces with perfectly straight teeth,

and the more I think about it it seemed too perfect. I thought it was really beautiful and amazing while I was there, but now it seems fake. I really felt like I was on a movie set.

Seaside is worth visiting if you are in the area, but don’t stay long because if you do you might never escape.

#house #beautiful #dreamy

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