Mud Run in Niceville

Yes, there really is a place called Niceville, Fl. It seems kind of arrogant and braggadocious to name your city Niceville but to each his own. I mean, would anyone name there town Meanville even if it was actually true? Just because you name your town Niceville doesn’t mean I am going to believe you.

We weren’t there long enough to determine if it really is as “nice” as the name suggests but we were there long enough for Reece and Marisa to do a mud run with our friend Jalayne.

The Mud Run Consisted of a lot of mud. Surprise, Surprise.

There were also obstacle courses. If I had paid to do a mud run, only to find out there were obstacles, crawling, and various other things that involved neither running nor mud, I would have asked for my money back. Maybe that’s why Marisa didn’t invite me to do it.

Marisa, Reece, and Jalayne finished the run relatively unscathed. They weren’t as muddy as I thought they would be and we escaped Niceville without any major injuries. How Nice.


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