Five Days in Sticks and Bricks

When we left Louisiana we decided to head to Destin, Florida. In one day we crossed from Louisiana through the bottom tip of Mississippi and Alabama, and then into the Florida Panhandle. It was funny to me that after being in Texas for 6 weeks, we hit 4 states in one day. Our destination was the Destin area where we have friends that we have known since we were first married, the Haverfields.

The Haverfield’s own the business Have Travel Memories and they rent vacation homes in Destin and surrounding areas. When we told them we were coming they put us up in one of their condos. We had a really good time staying in a condo instead of our fifth wheel. It was actually pretty overwhelming to have so much space after being accustomed to our fifth wheel. We spread out into the 4 separate bedrooms and 3 baths and just enjoyed having a little more quiet and privacy than normal. I didn’t get pictures of the inside of the condo but check out the lake that was behind it. It was so relaxing.

We had a good time with the Haverfield’s and it was a lot of fun to live life in a stick and brick house for a while. We did start to miss our kids for a while since we didn’t get to see them as much when they hid in their rooms and we realized how hard it is to keep a big house clean instead of a small fifth wheel.


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