Wrasslin’ Gators

Sometimes life starts to feel a little boring.You get complacent with your safe day to day activities and decide you need a little excitement. What to do? How about a little Alligator Wrasslin’ or some Alligator Kissin’?

We visited Kliebert’s Turtle and Alligator Farm in Hammond, Louisiana and it was awesome. When you walk in to the main building the funky smell of reptiles is almost overwhelming. The bathrooms are disgusting. This might sound bad but isn’t that what you want and expect from an alligator farm? I wouldn’t want a pristine clean experience when dealing with man eating alligators. There were some snakes and small alligators that you can hold before starting the tour.

How do I know that they were man eating alligators? Our tour guide had 4 of his fingers bitten off by an alligator while doing a tour a few years ago. You can see his hand in the picture below. He said he was lucky to keep his arm.

There are over 47,00 turtles. The farm harvests and hatches over 1 million turtle eggs a year and sells them all over the world. Mason found out that tortoises aren’t as easy to ride as they look.

Madelyn had fun holding some of the small alligators. I was surprised that she did it but she didn’t want to put it down.

Our tour guide went out to feed one of the biggest alligators on the farm named Big Easy. He opened a gate to get some chicken to feed the alligator. I had a hard time watching him feed the alligators because he left the gate behind us open, and yes there are alligators on the other side of that fence.

How about we don’t leave alligator gates open while our backs are turned to them. Even more, how about we don’t try to rile up the alligators. I can tell you that I am not meant to be an alligator farmer. I like all of my fingers way too much.


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