St. Charles Line

Streetcars, one of the many things that New Orleans is famous for. Some of our friends recommended that we take the St. Charles line to rest our feet and see some of the pretty areas in New Orleans and we listen to our friends so we hopped on a street car. Can you tell which of our kids liked the streetcar ride and which of them might have been a bit underwhelmed.

The St Charles line takes you through the Garden District where you will find beautiful architecture and…….yep you guessed it, gardens. Marisa and I really enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful homes.

When I was in high school I became a fan of Tulane University for two reasons. 1. It is the University Julia Roberts was going to in the movie, The Pelican Brief and I had a thing for Julia Roberts. 2. They have the coolest mascot, The Green Wave. Tulane campus is right off this line so we got off the streetcar to explore.

There was an amazing gated community next to Tulane University called Audubon Place and a beautiful park called Audubon Park across the street. The park looked really nice. The community had a security guard and was inaccessible to street urchins like us. Marisa really wanted to get in to Audubon Place. She just sat looking through the gate forever. Poor girl.

The St Charles line was a fun, cheap way to see a bunch of New Orleans and take some time off of our feet. We had fun even though Marisa wasn’t allowed into all of the places she wanted to go.


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