French Quarter Foodies

Like I said in my previous article, when I told people I was going to visit The French Quarter, the first thing they talked about was the food. “You have to go to Cafe Du Monde.” Make sure and have a “Po’ Boy.” “Make sure to eat at _______.” It was hard to follow all of the suggestions as we were there for one day, and our kids got filled up so fast that we didn’t even try everything we had planned. We still got to experience some new foods and it was a lot of fun.

The first thing we did because we were told we had to was to get beignets at Cafe Du Monde.

The beignets were really good. I was pretty fascinated by the restaurant. They serve beignets with 12 pounds of powdered sugar on top, coffee, and hot chocolate, and that’s it. The floor is sticky and gross, the bathrooms are disgusting, and it is packed. We walked by a few times throughout the day and there were always lines. It shows you the importance of word of mouth, and the value of simplicity. I have a theory that Cafe Du Monde does so well because everywhere else in the French Quarter is such an assault on the senses that it’s a relief to go somewhere with fried brown food and the comfort of not having to make a choice.

If you go don’t wear black and sit upwind of your neighbor since you will be covered with powdered sugar the rest of the day.

After walking around for a while we went to Central Grocery and got the best cold sandwich I have ever had. We bought one whole and one half Muffaletta which filled us up too much and no one was hungry the rest of the day.

There were candy shops every where making pralines in the windows. We sampled several different places and we thought that Aunt Sally’s were the best.

We ate too many beignets and the sandwich really filled us up. The only other thing we ate was a softshell crab po’boy. I don’t remember where we got it but it was tasty.

The food we tried was really great, we just wish we cold have had more.

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