Career Day: Landscape Architect

We have had a lot of career day opportunities while we have been on our year long trip and while we were in Houston Reece had a good opportunity to see what a landscape architect does. He worked with him for 4 days and even though it was a lot of it was hard work, he really liked it, especially because of all of the money he earned. Marisa’s brother Cameron got a degree in landscape architecture and he owns the company Set Roots LLC in Houston.

This is what Cameron looks like when he is yelling at you for taking pictures when you are supposed to be working.

I did a little manual labor but I also spent a lot of time “supervising.” Reece did a lot of manual labor and spent no time “supervising.” That’s him transporting wheelbarrows of dirt to the back yard.

I was able to go spend a day with Cameron and see what he does. It was fun and satisfying to see how much the yards changed. Here are some of the before and afters on the project that we helped with.

My pictures don’t do the finished product justice but Set Roots LLC does a great job and we had a lot of fun hanging with Uncle Cameron.



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