Magnolia Market

I had never heard of Chip and Joanna Gaines until a few months ago when our friend Megan told us to watch their show Fixer Upper on Netflix. For our date nights Marisa and I started watching the show and we really liked it. We saw the prices of the homes they worked on and we said to ourselves, “We are going to havve to move to Waco, Texas.”

Luckily our travels took us near Waco so we could determine first hand if it contained the home of our dreams. We camped about 40 minutes away from Waco on Lake Whitney. It was one of the prettier and more secluded places we have camped.

The drive to Waco was beautiful. There were some rolling hills and it was extremely green with lots of farmland. The locals tell me that spring is the best time to visit. The first place we went to in Waco was Magnolia Market or what is also known as The Silos due to 2 huge grain silos on site. There is a main building with lots of home decorating items. It was crowded!

In addition to the store, there is a garden area with raised beds and a petting zoo that you can walk through.

Along the outer perimeter of the property there are a bunch of food trucks lined up and in the middle there was a huge plot of astroturf where you can play catch, soccer, frisbee and cornhole. It gave me the opportunity to teach my boys the proper cornhole form.

After visiting Magnolia Market we drove around the downtown and visited a few of the suburbs. The city itself doesn’t seem extremely nice. The suburbs we visited were very well taken care of but we were on Zillow and didn’t see many at the prices shown on TV.

Unfortunately we didn’t find our dream house. We would consider living there. The people were really nice and the area was pretty but they do a great job of making Waco look better than it might be on Fixer Upper so it’s much less likely that we will live here now that we have visited.


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