So You Want to Be a Pecan Farmer?

You might remember our friends pictured above, Mary and Tommy from when we met up with them in Crescent City and they took us on a great hike in the Redwoods. They were living on the road like us and we really connected with them. In the time since we met up with them in California they have settled down on a Pecan Farm in Texas and so we made sure to stop and visit them while we were passing through. It was a good chance to have a career day with the kids and deep in my heart, I want to be a farmer.

It was amazing for us to spend time with them on their farmstead. Its was so peaceful and there is a special spirit in their home. It was such a joy to see them so happy and content with how God has blessed them.

They had just planted over 500 pecan trees while we were there. There was a huge rain storm so we went out and helped by hoeing (is that a word) around the new trees and filling in any dirt that had washed away from the roots.

Even though it was hard work, it was so satisfying to work the soil. I really think that my farming ancestors left a gene in my body that relaxes when I smell freshly turned soil.

The trees we worked on won’t bear fruit for 7 to 10 years. That’s a lot of time but I am excited to come back then and see the fruits of Tommy and Mary’s labor. It will be exciting to know that we saw it when it was just starting.


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