The Don Harrington Discovery Museum was another fun science museum. Our kids had a good time and we stayed until it closed. The best part was what they called a Grossology exhibit. It was a whole wing dedicated to teaching about the digestive system, mucus, vomit, gas, and all other gross things our bodies do. I actually learned a lot and it was set up really well. I didn’t get a lot of pictures but here is a picture of the digestive system playground.

Here I am exiting the digestive system playground slide. I don’t get in a lot of the pictures since I take most of them but for some reason Marisa thought this would be a good one.

There were other good sections of the museum. I am starting to like Science Museums more and more. We were able to get in free because of our ASTC Travel Passport Membership.

Outside the museum you will find the Amarillo Helium Monument that pays tribute to the Helium deposits that are found in the area. Erected in 1968, the four arms of the monument contain time capsules that were to be opened separately 25, 50, 100, and 1000 years after it’s construction.


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