A Chance Meeting in Old Town Albuquerque

It’s so funny how often I have expectations and they turn out to be wrong. I expected our trip to old town Albuquerque to be similar to our walk through the touristy parts of many cities. Parts of it were similar to other tourist spots we have been to but towards the end of the day we were able to meet someone that made my week.

The first thing we saw when we parked in Old Town was Walter White’s motor home. If you don’t know who he is, good for you. If you do, enjoy the picture.

Most of Old Town is in the Adobe style which I really like. It was fun and relaxing walking down the streets and checking out a lot of unique stores.

We made some wishes into the wishing well. My wish that machines don’t gain sentience and take over the world has come true……so far.

San Felipe church was pretty but we didn’t get a chance to go in it. It was originally built by the Spanish in 1706. That my friends fue hace mucho tiempo.

I liked that carving that was in one of the trees on the property. Legend has it that the person that painted it died right after he finished and he was buried with the blue paint on his hands.

It was a good day but then it became great. We were walking by a square near old town and there was a book signing by a former Navajo Code Talker. I regret that I forgot his name. I was so excited to see him and I asked him to tell my children about what he did. He explained that there were 30 original code talkers ( according to him 1 disappeared so there were 29) and then talked about how he was recruited after them. He told us about his training here in the US and then he was deployed to The Guadalcanal. It was an amazing experience to hear his story and I was so excited that my children were able to hear it from him. This was one of those times where I was so thankful that we are able to spend time on the road and interact with so many amazing people. Thank you to all that have served in the military.


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