How to Find an RV Park

One of the most common questions we get while we travel is how we find our campsites. Most of the time we don’t know where we are going until a day or two before we decide to leave our current location.

There are certain campgrounds and times that we try to get reservations ahead of time but most of the time we don’t have much of a plan. Here are some of the resources we use for camping. This article will focus mainly on paid campsites. I will do later articles on free campsites and camp membership programs that we have used.

Paid RV Sites

We don’t boondock as much as we thought we would. It’s just really nice to not have to worry electricity and water. Another even bigger reason is that we don’t have as many opportunities to meet people when we boondock and we really like meeting other people while we travel. Here are some of my favorite site for finding paid RV parks.

RV Park Reviews

This site is my go to site when I want to find paid campgrounds in a certain city or area. It has been populated with a lot of reviews and my favorite thing is that you can filter with a lot of criteria including ampage, pets, pull throughs, back ins, and more. There is also usually a link to the campground website. Be careful with the prices listed as the prices might be for members of discount programs or not include extra fees charged for extra people or pets.


On the main page, if you type in the name of a city and then either RV or campground you will get an extensive list of campgrounds near the city you are looking for. The thing I like most about this site is the amount of reviews done on the campgrounds. There are even more than I find on RV Park Reviews. I don’t use it for searching as much as RV Park Reviews because I haven’t figured out a way to filter based on specific criteria. I will usually use the filter on RV Park Reviews and then if I want more reviews I will look up a specific campground on tripadvisor.


This site does a good job finding paid and free campgrounds. I don’t use it as much because it doesn’t have very many reviews.

RV Parking

This site allows you to choose campgrounds and has nice filters but once again it doesn’t have a lot of reviews.

Other Campers

We have had a lot of luck finding good campsites by asking people camping by us. When we were in Vegas a month ago we talked to someone that had just came from Arizona. We told them we were headed the Grand Canyon and they told us about a great campsite in Williams, Arizona. Then when we were in Williams, Marisa emailed one of our friends near Phoenix and she told us about where she was staying which ended up being the best site we have been to.

There are a ton of other websites that you can find to help you find a site. I really don’t use more than these when searching for paid sites.Once I nail down a site I will call them and make sure there aren’t any restrictions or hidden fees that aren’t on the site. It’s not uncommon for a park to charge extra for pets or for more than 4 people.

If you have other suggestions, make a comment, and I can add them to the article.

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