Petrified In Arizona

“There’s what’s right and there’s what’s right and never the twain shall meet”

H.I. from Raising Arizona

This is my last post about Arizona for a while which means it’s my last chance to quote the movie Raising Arizona. The quote above doesn’t have anything to do with our trip to the Petrified Forest National Park but this is my blog and it amuses me to think about the movie.

I wanted to like the park but in comparison to the others we have been to it wasn’t my favorite. If you are crossing I-40 and you have a chance to go you should, but I personally wouldn’t make it a destination.

There used to be a rain forest in this area and a lot of the trees sank to the bottom of a river and then were covered with silt. Over time, minerals leeched into the wood and abracadabra, millions of years later you have rocks that look like fallen logs.

It was fun to go and see everything. I appreciate how amazing the science behind it is and how cool it is to see things that are so old but it got a little monotonous for me after a while. I feel terrible admitting that I didn’t love it.

The best apart of the day was the hike we went on and the time we spent together as a family. We are very fortunate to be able to have this adventure and see so many amazing things.


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