There are No Pickles in Pickleball

We picked up a new sport while we were staying in Casa Grande, Arizona. The park we were at had 4 pickleball courts and the Snowbirds that stay at the park all winter take their pickleball very seriously.

You have probably heard that “There isn’t any crying in baseball,” well apparently there aren’t any pickles in pickleball. There also isn’t a designation on what kind of pickle pickleball is named after. You would assume dill, but there are more sweet pickle fans than you think, and lets not forget about the underdogs pickled okra, and pickled green beans. Most people just seemed irritated that I was trying to ascertain the namesake of the sport but pickles are serious business.

If you haven’t played it, it is on a mini tennis ball court and you have wooden rackets. The ball is like a mini wiffle ball. I would say it is more like tennis than anything else with serves and volleys.

I wanted so bad to show up at the court with a pickle and pretend that that is how we play it on the streets of Eagle Mountain but Marisa warned me not to joke around with something that the local populace takes so seriously. I am glad I took her advice.

Marisa’s cousin Jeff and Alison and their kids visited and we had a a lot of fun at the pool and on the courts. It was so fun to see them and have our kids spend time with there second cousins. Once again, the best things about travel are the people, followed closely by sports named after condiments.


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