Dinosaur and Wigwam Impostors

Let me let you in on a little secret. As we travel across the country I obviously want to see some of the major tourist destinations like The Grand Canyon and Crater Lake. However, I also like to see weird stuff. Here is my secret on how I find weird Roadside attractions. It is the website www.roadsideamerica.com. Whenever we are in an area I check out the site to see if there is anything strange that we can visit.

Holbrook, Arizona was the ultimate jackpot in roadside attractions. We are talking strange, unique and sometimes a little sad stuff.

There was The Wigwam Hotel that actually contains tepees. Wigwams have round tops. You would think if they named their business wigwam hotel it would have wigwams but you would be wrong. Anyway the tepees are small one bedroom hotel rooms. The place is a little run down but still worth seeing if you are passing through.

You can also find dinosaurs at almost every rock shop and tourist trap store. If I would have stopped to take a picture of each Dinosaur we would have never left.

You will probably notice from the photos that the Dinosaurs are probably impostors in the fact that they don’t seem to be based as much on actual dinosaurs as opposed to some guy that learned about Dinosaurs from the Flintstones.

I wonder about the kid that grows up in Holbrook his whole life and when he leaves he finds that folk art Dinosaurs aren’t on every corner of every street. Does he become disillusioned with the world? Does he feel cheated and run back to Holbrook as fast as he can so he can bask in the shadow of these cold blooded Jurassic models until his heart is full? Maybe he does.

If you are going to go anywhere in Holbrook, stop at Jim Gray’s Petrified Wood Co. It has the most amazing collection of petrified wood and rocks from all over the world. I could have stayed there for hours. In addition to petrified wood, you will also find Wild Bill the 2.9 million year old fossilized alligator skeleton.

Jim Gray’s is on the road that takes you to the Petrified Forest National Park South Entrance which is the best side of the park in my opinion. Holbrook is worth a stop when you are crossing I-40 from Albuquerque to Flagstaff. You will definitely see some original items!


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