Would You Like to Play a Game of globalthermalnuclearwar?

In a hidden spot (not really hidden it’s a tourist destination) there is a decommissioned Titan 2 missile base that can be toured if you have the right credentials (cold hard cash) and if you know the secret password (we would like to go in the 12:30 tour.) It is a great experience of you can get there and I was glad my kids could learn more about the cold war that I grew up in.

Supposedly there are and were so many nuclear bombs in order to have Mutually Assured Destruction. Essentially the idea that if everyone can destroy enough that no one would survive, we will keep a kind of tenuous peace. Pretty scary stuff.

You wouldn’t know there was a huge base underground from what it looks like above ground.

We started the tour with a movie. I was hoping to see War Games but it was just a historical documentary. Then we went down the hatch.

There were two guys with keys that would shoot the missile off if it became necessary. Mason and his friend Brody had the opportunity to turn the keys and launch the now defunct missile.

The missile itself was 103 feet long and if deployed above ground it could destroy 30 square miles, not including the damage caused by fallout. Pretty Scary.


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