Friends From a Far off Place

The night we arrived in the Casa Grande RV park we met the Jendens. It was so nice to meet people crazier than us. Why are they crazier? They are from New Zealand and decided to do an RV trip like us through the United States. Can you imagine leaving your life and traveling a country on the other side of the world? They are my new heroes.

Sometimes you just meet people and you feel like you have known them a long time. This is how we felt about the Jendens. It was so awesome for our kids to spend time with others their age. We did quite a few tihngs together as you will see over the next few posts, and I’m sure we will meet up with them again. You can follow their adventure on their blog.

Good friends always help you learn and they taught us some great New Zealand terms …..although we can’t get the accent down.

Bits and Pieces: Stuff

Example: We ran over to the store to get some bits and pieces for dinner.

Lolly: Candy

Example: After school I would go buy a pocket full of lollies.

Chilly Bin: Cooler

Example: Put the soda in the chilly bin to keep it cold.

Caravan: Trailer or RV

Example: We live in a caravan.

Jandal: Flip flops

Example: Put on your Jandals before going to the beach.

Dodgy: Bad

Example: Your Kiwi accent is a bit dodgy.

Togs: Swimsuit

Example: Wear your togs to the pool.


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